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10 November 2006 @ 06:01 pm
Happy Grouch  

Name: Mia

Age: 15

Country: Somewhere in Asia

Favorite Song(s): Reject, One for the Razorbacks, Who Wrote Holden Caulfield, Basketcase, Westbound Sign, Walking Contradiction, Hitchin' a Ride, Scattered, Prosthetic Head, American Idiot, Letterbomb

Favorite Album: Nimrod

When did you start liking Green Day?: Two years ago.

Why do you like Green Day?: Because their lyrics are awesome, they have a great sound, and their live shows are amazing--you would definitely not be bored, and they're crazy antics are hilarious (esp. Tre's ☺).

Define punk in your own words: Not exactly rebelling, but doing whatever you want to 'cause that's your opinion, no matter how wrong other people may see it. Doing you own thing without giving a shit.

What do you think of Avril Lavignes covers of American Idiot and Basket Case?: Definitely ruined Basketcase for me. I never heard the American Idiot cover, so I don't know how bad that went.

BUTTCHEESE anyone?: My mouth is watering...

What would you say to Green Day if you were blessed enough to meet them?: "Hey. What's up?"

Do you have any pictures of yourself? (don't worry, choices aren't based on looks, it's just curiousity): Nope.

Will you bitch and complain if you aren't accepted?: Sure, why not?